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Trained at the prestigious New Zealand Film School, Jackson was already an established editor before becoming a director. Jackson's editorial experience has shaped his strong ability to create powerful visual stories which supports his natural affinity to elicit engaging and memorable performance from his actors. 

Wade is based between the UK and Seattle.

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'ONLY FOR BLOOD' (feature film)

Dir. Wade Jackson

Wri. Wade Jackson

In the midst of a deadly epidemic two infected brothers seek to escape quarantine and authorities to find a remote meteor crash site which they believe holds the cure for their mysterious illness.

A meteor crash lands in the wilderness of Alaska in the heart of winter. Native Yup’ik hunters go in search of a crash site — but upon discovery collapse in a crater. A short time later, we find a deadly outbreak known as ‘PrP’ is sweeping the northwest region of North America and society is on the brink of chaos. Lewis, a widower, and his brother Ryan work as body collectors as part of a mosquito fleet in the Puget Sound; captains of boats collecting corpses from coastal homes. A dangerous collection on the wrong side fo town exposes the brothers to PrP while simultaneously discovering one infected victim who has outlived any known case. Facing death in isolation, the brother’s are forced to act quickly and go on the run as fugitives seeking answers to the victims longevity in the hope of saving their own lives. Their search leads them on a suspenseful life threatening adventure across oceans and mountains to the door of Rachel Ayre, an obsessive scientist with an infected son she is fighting to save. Ultimately, as their paths align they will make a discovery that will have profound impacts on society - and the ones they love.                                                                      - Midnight Special meets Children of Men.

'RIDER BY THE SEA' (feature film)

Dir. Wade Jackson & Alexandra Caldwell 

Wri. Wade Jackson & Alexandra Caldwell 

When her parents move to a remote island in the Salish Sea ten-year-old Maeve Lawson must overcome her fear of horses to protect an unwanted pony and compete in the island’s historic ‘Belle Vue’ race. 


Ten-year-old Maeve arrives with her parents Teddy and Anna to their grandpa’s (Tim) home on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. Tim has recently lost his partner and Maeve’s Grandmother, Joyce - resulting in Maeve and her parents moving to island to care for him; a quirky, lovable boat builder with a passion for kites. On the property is a pony named Sailor that Joyce was rehabilitating from an injury before she passed. Slowly, with Grandpa’s Tim’s help, Maeve overcomes her fears of horses and builds a strong bond with the pony.


Grandpa Tim shows Maeve around the island, the beautiful old American lighthouse and Hill Fort called ‘Belle Vue’. He explains the history of the island and takes Maeve to the beach to watch the local boys racing horses. Tim explains that they are training for the island’s annual horse race, a local tradition dating back to British rule. Maeve finds herself developing a strong friendship with a local boy named Aito, who helps her in the quest to save enough money to buy and care for the horse and save him from an unpleasant fate. With the hard work and help from her family, friend Aito, and Aito’s father, Maeve is able to save Sailor from its owner’s plans to have ship her off as a broad-mare. With Maeve’s perseverance Sailor overcomes her injuries and they qualify for the final of the 'Belle Vue Race.’ The final race is close — Maeve rides Sailor without a saddle to help with the weight and as the other horses are spooked by the howling winds reverberating around the beach caves, Sailor and Maeve race to victory over the local boys — finally triumphing over her early fears.  

                                                                                                                                                    - ‘Virginia’s Run meets ‘Fly Away Home’.


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'BREAKER' (feature film) Release: Vertical Entertainment 2019

Dir. Wade Jackson

Wri. Wade Jackson

A young veteran with a troubled past returns to a rural desert town where he forms a powerful friendship with a wild horse that helps to turn his life around.


After being discharged from the military for lying on his recruitment application, J.C. Murray bounces between jobs and living situations, until he finally hits rock bottom. With no options left he is forced to return to a rural desert town in Oregon and live with his Mom and abusive brother, Tom.


While working a menial job for Tom’s painting company, J.C is offered cash by his older brother Harris to go up in the hills and illegally shoot wild horses that have been grazing on ranchers land. While up in the hills he comes face to face with a wild horse and can’t bring himself to shoot it; instead firing his gun to scare it off. Harris works J.C. over and leaves him out in the brush. The next morning J.C. is helped by a local hermit rancher, Finch, who takes a liking to J.C. and subsequently offers him work on the ranch. Finch begins to teach J.C. how to work with and rescue wild mustangs - a positive turning point in his life. 


The Bureau of Land Management suspect J.C. for the shooting of local wild horses and J.C.’s troubled past begins to unravel and catch up with him - forcing him to use the lessons that the horses and Finch have taught him, to not throw his life away.


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Dir. Wade Jackson

Wri. Wade Jackson

Set in 1942, DECIMATION finds ten Russian soldiers who have been accused of cowardice on the Eastern Front and are being temporarily imprisoned. A Red Army General decides to utilize the ancient Roman punishment of decimation, where one soldier is drawn at random and the other nine serve as his executioner. The men are notified of their punishment at dusk, and by dawn, they will either meet their maker or be forced to take a friend's life before returning to the front line. The film chronicles the men's last traumatic hours before the execution, revealing the horrors of war, their collective experiences, and their dreams for a normal post-war life.