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After 6 years travelling the world, hanging out of helicopters, filming underwater, deserted beach- es, mountain tops James decided to go freelance as a Director. He made an award winning short film ‘For Reel’ which led to his first job directing a TV commercial for Lynx, lots of work followed and he was hired by BT as Head of Content for BTMevio, a start up online entertainment network. where he ran a team and made content from comedy, fashion, music to even a show about talking to dead people and sometimes dead pets too.

He left and co-launched Itsourmovie, a digital crowdsourcing platform where the public voted in the cast for the comedy feature film ‘The Flirting Club, which he also co directed/produced. Seeing the explosion in digital film and distribution he moved back into making commercials and content pieces for brands and agencies and has won a number of awards along the way - British Airways Caribbean Live (DMA winner), National Lottery (New York Festival winner), Ark (IVCA Gold Winner) Go Daddy (Webby Winner).

Jonathan Elbers.jpg

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