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Carlos is a DoP/Camera operator experienced in shooting Commercials, Music Videos, and Narrative content. Since he graduated from film school, he has lensed work for artists such as 'Empara Mi', 'JD Kelleher', 'Paper Hawk', and many others. He has done commercial work for brands such as 'I Robot', 'Haggen Dasz', 'Arla', 'Claro Television', 'Bayern', 'JML' 'Cotton Republic', 'Braun', 'Tata Communications'. He was recognized for his commercial work for 'Haggen Dasz' and 'I Robot' where he won first place in an advertising festival in Las Vegas and South Africa respectively.

Carlos also shot commercials for 'Quickteller' the most important financial service application operating in the African continent. He graduated with honors in Film and Digital Cinematography from the Metropolitan Film School in London where he developed an eye for composition and an innate passion for the art of cinematography. After film school, he closely worked with Rinse FM radio online video platform to improve their quality of video content and set up a tone and style for their future work.

Recently Carlos has been working with NBA Europe to film content for their social media accounts as well as continuing his work in Music Videos and Narrative. One of Carlos's main virtue is to create the desired style required in a project through the best use of composition and lighting. He is a hardworking and reliable individual who is used to work under pressure and can produce high-quality work in situations where time is a constraint. He has excellent communicative skills and is always looking to fulfill the clients' vision with the appropriate tone and mood required for the project.

Jonathan Elbers.jpg

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