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Now Jack King’s first video at Run Productions is the Yorkshire band’s Fictional State – their first release since signing to Virgin Records. And it’s nothing less than a sprawling, decidedly non-linear epic of family life, involving love, hate and quite possibly attempted murder, all set in one home.

“I’d been listening to an old demo of the track for over a year before they got signed, so I was pretty elated to get asked to make the video for it,” says Jack. “The band wanted the video shot up north, so we shot it in a house in Bradford that had been empty for 23 years – home only to the occasional glue enthusiast.

“We had a great mix of talented crew from the north and south, and it was the first time I’d not suffered heart problems so it clearly worked! I loved how everyone mucked in and grafted solidly for two days, especially how half the crew went behind the call of duty and played roles in the video which I feel a bit bad about but I’m sure they enjoyed it really.

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