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John Frieda Sheer Blonde launched this summer. The aim, to produce digital video content to help drive awareness and education around the range. John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde range helps blondes reach their full potential, by offering tailor made solutions based on their hair needs.
Video objectives
1. Drive awareness & increase appeal of the Sheer Blonde range
2. Increase Sheer Blonde brand penetration
3. Drive cross-purchase within the range
4. Educate the audience about the different sub ranges, so they can achieve their idea of the perfect blonde.
To achieve our objectives and create strong awareness of the range, we created “Styling videos” themed around 4 real women; each one showcasing a Sheer Blonde sub range. These videos focused on the individual and her specific needs as a blonde, whilst educating her along the way to the product that are best suited to her blonde hair needs.
Giles Robinson, a John Frieda Salon expert prescribed the right Sheer Blonde product for each model, demonstrating the individual product benefits – to help each woman achieve her idea of perfect.
We created four Summer How to Video’s released across Youtube, social media and fashion blogs. Each video achieved a premium John Frieda feel, with an excellent standard of quality for something that could have easily been an average ‘how to video.’ The final deliverables were far from average and we’ve continued our production relationship with John Frieda.

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