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Content for Robbie Williams' clothing brand Farrell. The brief
To create video content to establish Farrell’s brand identity for its launch at London Fashion week, as well as across online and digital platforms. The task was to produce a thoughtful and stylish set of films that portrayed the personality, the roots and the different styles of the brand without overtly using Robbie Williams (the creator and brand owner) to sell the quality of the product.
We produced a set of stylish fashion films. Aided with the voice of Robbie Williams, and the two main stylists behind Farrell as the faces of the brand, we focused on making content that would appeal toward a male audience in which the clothes are aimed toward.
The films gave an insight into who Robbie is, and where he came from. It was important that the clothes also appealed to everyday men, as well as fashion conscious London and big city types.
We produced one film shot in stylish areas of London, and another film shot in more humble locations around Stoke. The dialogue gives an insight into Robbie’s upbringing and the story behind the brand inspiration, his grandfather.
(dialogue) ‘For people who lived a hard life well No matter who they are or where they come from’.
The Results
A successful video campaign featured globally on and We delivered a set of great films used for Farrell’s press day at London Fashion week. The content went on to be used in-store at House of Frasier and on The video’s continue to be a constant feature of Farrell’s main website. In addition, content included a documentary of the photography look-book that was released alongside the films, here we get to see Robbie behind the scenes as he’s getting ready and preparing for the photography shoot.

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