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Football Fables

Dir. Baff Akoto

Festival Release

A thoughtful and timely documentary examines the way emerging footballers from Africa make the transition from their homeland to the lucrative big leagues in Europe.

The film uses the story and experiences of young Ghanaian footballer Francis Boadi as he heads to the UK for a series of trials with Premier League football teams, while also detailing the practicalities and often brutal realities of how wannabe players try to make the leap from small African teams to the glamour of the European leagues – which can often involve ‘agents’ and ‘managers’ trying to rip-off the young talents.


Director: Baff Akoto (as Baffuor Akoto)
Writer: Baff Akoto
Stars: Abedi 'Pele' Ayew, Francis Boadi, Sulley Muntari

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