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Black & Blue

Dir. Tony Awor

Sky Sports 1

We documented the remarkable life and experience of the first black footballer to play for Chelsea fc, during an era where racial discrimination, bigotry and violence were customary in sport, it’s fans, and Britain.

‘The abuse Paul Canoville faced on and off the pitch is one of the most extreme examples ever known of racism in football’

Paul’s struggle paved the way for modern day black athletes to succeed, and black and blue tells the story of this. Not counting On-Demand the programme did 328k peak on it’s first prime time showing with SKY SPORTS 1, which is a terrific result. In total the show reached over 700k viewers across 3 linear showings, plus on demand and Sky go. “A truly historical document” - Daily Mail.


Director: Tony Awor Producer: Jason de Vyea
Stars: Paul Canoville, Omid Djalili, Michael Duberry

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